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  • The Dutch Under-21 competition is missing.

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    There isn't an under-21 competition in The Netherlands. The under-21 competition started in 2020. Teams like Feyenoord (under-21), FC Groningen (under-21), SC Heerenveen (under-21), NEC (under-21), and others take part in this competition. At the moment, these teams have a Jong team in the game. But, most of these teams no longer participate in the reserve competition (Nederlandse Reservecompetitie Eredivisie).


    Under-21 Competition

    There are four divisions in the under-21 competition. The teams in the 1st division of the under-21 competition have the opportunity to promote to the Tweede Divisie (third level). The promotion is only possible if at least one of the two under-21 teams finished tenth or lower. 


    [] There are two options for promotion:

    • If the under-21 team in the Tweede Divisie finished 10 to 16 -> Then they need to play a tiebreaker against the under-21 team who finished first in the under-21 competition. 
    • If the under-21 team in the Tweede Divisie finished 17 or 18 -> Then they relegate to the under-21 competition(1st division) and the under-21 team who finished first in the under-21 competition promote to the Tweede Divisie.


    [] Other options for promotion/relegation:

    • Teams who finished first or second in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th division (of the under-21 competition) promote to the division above. 
    • Teams who finished seventh or eighth in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd division (of the under-21 competition) relegate to the division below.


    See the attached file for all the teams in the under-21 competition. 

    Here is an infographic about promotion/relegation of the under 21 competition: https://www.knvb.nl/downloads/sites/bestand/knvb/24728/0506a-infographic-onder2123-competitie09





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