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  • League and Division 1 group stage fixtures

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    Group stage fixtures should be fixed

    Match day 1

    1st-6th  (7th-12th)

    2nd-4th  (8th-10th)

    3rd-5th  (9th-11th)

    Match day 2

    3rd-1st  (9th-7th)

    6th-2nd  (12th-8th)

    5th-4th  (11th-10th)

    Match day 3

    1st-5th  (7th-11th)

    2nd-3rd  (8th-9th)

    4th-6th  (10th-12th)

    Match day 4

    4th-1st  (10th-7th)

    2nd-5th  (8th-11th)

    6th-3rd  (12th-9th)

    Match day 5

    1st-2nd  (7th-8th)

    3rd-4th  (9th-10th)

    5th-6th  (11th-12th)


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    • SI Staff

    Could you clarify a little bit what you're saying is wrong in game? It's a little unclear from the post.

    And additionally, could you please provide some source material to back it up so we have a point of reference for any changes. :)


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    So, in the game, the group stage fixtures are drawn, but in real life they are not.

    In the game, 1st and 2nd placed teams (after regular season) can play against each other the Match day 1 of the group stage, but this doesn't happen in real life because fixtures are fixed and they play against each other in the final match of the season (1st position team after regular season being the home team).

    This is made because they want that the most important matches are in the final rounds of the season.


    Finnish FA's web sites are piece of s... so I can't provide any official source material. Only thing to do is to look at regular season final standings (seasons 2019 and 2021) and compare those to the group stage fixturessarjataulukko.thumb.jpg.7eb3ac228a2741ea93105f206d52f31a.jpg

    Same comparison can be made in the relegation group and we get the fixtures shown in parentesis in the opening message. Season 2021 is the same. Group stages of division 1 haven't been played because of covid, but the same fixtures apply also there.

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