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  • Qualifiers for Euro competitions

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    To be honest, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but the third placed team in our league (Rangers) would normally have only qualified for the CL League pathway 3rd Qualifying round (as reflected as normal in the Europe coefficients screen), but in the season summary, and then as it turned out, they went straight into the Group stage.

    Since I'm trying to develop Scotland as a nation, this is actually good news for me, but it's not supposed to happen. Nothing has changed in our coefficient position since last season, when the 3rd placed club did indeed have to go through those extra stages.

    If this is connected to the updates re. Russia, I don't see how. It's an ongoing save, so I don't think any clubs would have been excluded thus creating extra spaces.

    If you give this a low priority, that's fine. It's not affecting my save as far as I can tell, but something has gone wrong since the update.

    Save uploaded



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