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  • Denmark winter break

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    When entering 2023, the winter break in the danish Superliga is not working at all. I had the first league game at 1. of January, and there is a two week gap between every league match. And when you finally enter the Championship Group, suddenly there are 2 matches in a week. None of those happen in real life. The danish league often begin in late February after the winter break. Another thing is that after the World Cup 2022, the danish Superliga continues until the end of December, practically skipping a winter break. Don't know if this happens in seasons afterwards, but it completely broke my enjoyment of that Brøndby career. At least, there shouldn't be any games after mid december until february, and then there should not be a gap of two weeks between each match. And then there should not be 2 games a week in the last stage of the league

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