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  • Czech league 5 substitues

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    in czech league its allowed to have 7 substitutes on a bench, and make 5 subs. You are only allowed to do those subs on 3 stoppages as it is in Germany.
    This change was introduced same as is in Bundesliga and other leagues, and is still present this league season. Thank you


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    as @blekyna tagged it, it is there where I read it, but its only in czech, I couldn't find anything in english for you. But its the official rules from Czech FA as far as i understand.

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    Attached is an IFAB circular, which confirms the validity of the pavilion until 31. December 2022.

    FIFA simply allows this rule to be used in higher leagues. In the Czech Republic, this rule is used in the First and Second Leagues. They are professional leagues.

    Circular 23.pdf

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