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  • Home-grown rules acting weird

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    The home-grown squad rules for players trained in Belgium between 0-23 don't seem to be working properly.


    I have players who on their profile are listed as trained between 0-23. But on the squad view on match day they appear as trained between 0-21, which does not count towards the requirement of 6 players trained between 0-23. This is really restricting my squad selection, when it shouldn't.



    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Select match for Pro League game
      Look at home-grown status of players vs requirements

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    Can confirm having the same issue. I looked into it some more and the rule is "Trained for 3 years under the age of 23 or Belgian"
    It seems like the OR belgian has been coded as "AND" Belgian, because players who have the Belgian nationality do get the U23 HGC tag properly.

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