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  • Australian A League Scholarship Contracts.

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    Not sure if this is a *bug*, so much as an oversight, but I'm not sure where else to put this. The A League has a scholarship contract feature, where a certain number of domestic players under 23 can be signed without their counting in squad registration and so either taking up a spot on the senior list or forcing you to release them because they can't be registered. In this game this is coded to apply to Australian players only. This causes an issue, as in the A League there is a team from New Zealand, and all their players that come through their youth system are New Zealanders, and thus ineligible for scholarship contracts. In reality, the scholarship contract system has a specific carve-out for New Zealand players, but this isn't replicated in the game.


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    • SI Staff

    Thanks for raising this one to us. I've moved it across to the Australia league specific issues and our QA team will investigate further.

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    • Administrators

    Harvey I'm really sorry for the delayed message - we believe we may have resolved this on our end but would like to be sure. 

    If you're still around, could you provide a save file for us to review, please? 


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