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  • Non-negotiable "stepping stone" promises and minimum fee release clauses for contract extension negotiations

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    This is literally going to ruin my Inter save.

    It's impossible to extend contracts of any important player who's wanted by a team, even if it's just minor interest.

    Agents lock stepping stone promise and minimum fee clause, which is also ridiculously low.

    For example, Lautaro's price estimation was up to 70m€, but agent requires 60m€ minimum fee clause. If I can even extend the contract. Sometimes I can't even engage because of interest.

    Same goes for Barella and Bastoni, ridiculously low fee considering player's quality.

    Couldn't even extend Brozović, he was in the last year of his contract and I had to sell him.

    Only thing worse than this could be if the game was crashing, this is literally game-breaking.

    I can only imagine how bad will it get when I take over a smaller club.

    I understand the idea of minimum fee clauses, it happens in real life, but right now it's in ridiculously aggressive state and something like this would never happen in real life.

    That's just about clauses in general, when you take data research into consideration, it's a joke, no offense to anyone.

    I obviously understand that you won't put things that aren't official in the game, but tendencies simply had to be fixed.
    As the tweet (and many other reports, but I won't spam them) says, he rejected offers this summer and is signing a new deal.
    That means he should be willing to sign a new deal in the game, too. 



    Then we have Barella, a childhood Inter fan who rejected everyone else to join. He's first in line to become the next captain, but in this game I can't extend his contract? Embarrassing from researchers.




    Meanwhile, Onana who won't extend his deal at Ajax gets an extension right away. And Overmars said Onana rejected them.
    Same goes for Kessie at Milan. He gets an extension right away, while for example someone like Rudiger can't be extended at Chelsea.


    No hard feelings, it's just beta, but this issue in general will be game breaking if most players have to be sold for ridiculously cheap because of agent demands.
    And we can't even ask players to fire agents.

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    Bump, I'm having the same problem but in the EPL. Year 2 of my Arsenal save, we are in the CL final and 2nd in the league. Ødegaard wants a new deal, but his agent requires a minimum fee release clause about £30m below his market value. I want to give him a new contract but if I do, I'm sure he'll leave next window for a fraction of his value. The valuations by agents are currently too aggressive imo. Photos attached.

    NB my relationship with the agent has become unfriendly because I keep walking away from these negotiations..!


    Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 2.46.29 pm.png

    Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 2.46.50 pm.png

    Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 2.47.02 pm.png

    Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 2.47.10 pm.png

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    Max, could you make a post about this on the main release forums now please, as we've moved on from Beta stage. 

    A save file prior to the contract negotiations would also be very helpful! :)



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