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  • Board Transfer Budget Increase

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    I initially got denied a transfer increase, however after interacting with the board and persuading them to increase the budget they agreed to increase it. I got to the attached (Screenshot_1383.png) interaction screen where they agreed to increase the budget however it didn't show how much they were willing to increase it by. Then I selected the option on the left and was met with the message in my inbox in the second attached image (Screenshot_1384.png)


    The first image doesn't give any information on how much the board are willing to increase the transfer budget to. I will mention I am using a facepack and badge pack. 




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    • SI Staff

    Really sorry for the lack of response here. The Beta forums are particularly busy initially and sometimes threads will slip through the net when we're responding.

    Could you confirm whether this is still an issue after the latest update? If so, I'll get this moved across to the main forums and we can get it investigated promptly.

    Thanks again for taking the time to raise this.  

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