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  • European Selection Rule Issue - Happiness

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    I selected my team for the first round of European competition then signed four new players. The competition rules only allow me to add/change one player per round. The remaining players become unhappy. As the new signings were all important first team players the rest of the squad become unhappy they weren't included in the squad. There is no option to say the competition rules prevented me from adding you. There should be an option to speak to all new signings to warn them that only one can be added. Can something be done about this please?


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    • SI Staff

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. This sub forum was particularly busy this year, so we couldn't always respond to issues as quick as we'd like.

    Could you confirm whether this is still an issue that's present after the latest update?

    If so, we'll get it moved across to our main forums, and have the Gameplay team look at it as soon as they can. 

    Thank you again for taking the time to flag this.  

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