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  • Game not responding while rejecting loan offers in bulk in transfer center

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    I offered a player on loan to clubs, I received a couple of offers but decided to reject them all, using the x button on the bulk of all the offers. After doing this the game was unresponsive and the CPU went to a high usage, as I noticed both the fans and the CPU usage % in task manager. I had to force terminate FM with task manager as it was unresponsive. I believe it was the second time this happened, with different players.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Offer a player to loan - set the % of salary to not set and the player role to important player.
      2. Continue game and expect loan offers.
      3. When received, reject them all by going to the transfer center, and clicking the reject on the bulk of the offers (not individually).
      4. Game will look unresponsive and not clickable anywhere, CPU usage will go up.

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    It's an issue we're aware of and are investigating. As a workaround if you manage the transfers slowly and not in bulk via this screen, it shouldn't freeze. It only tends to occur if it's processing multiple transfers because they've been managed in quick succession.


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