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  • Game freezes whenever i try to perform actions on multiple players

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    Whenever i mark a lot of players players in order to scout/shortlist them the game freezes after i right-click them and doesn´t respond for some time (it´s especially long when it´s a lot of players). This has gone on for the entirety of my beta save and is still going on whenever i try to shortlist the new batch of regens or any players i find in searches in the scouting department. 

    During this process both my CPU and RAM aren´t overworked so i doubt that it´s a hardware issue. 

    I´d be glad to share more information if needed.

    Thanks a lot in advance :D

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Click on the globe at the top of the screen, then on world followed by transfers. Once there choose Youth intake from the dropdown menu currently locked on all transfers. Once in the list try to select a larger amount of players (works best with 100-300 at once) by clicking on one while holding down shift and clicking on a different player further down the list while still clicking the shift button. After this try to right click on the selected players. Once you´ve done this the game should freeze like it did for me. It doesn´t get "unstuck" until i scroll up and down (which doesn´t lift the freeze immediately) and wait for a couple of seconds (20-30).

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    vor 11 Stunden schrieb Lucas:

    Hi, this is an issue we are aware of and looking into. Thanks for raising. 

    Thanks for the heads-up, good to know that´s a known issue. Sorry for double-posting, i didn´t find another entry in this category.

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