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  • Why we're talking about this team?

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    Spain, 4th tier.

    It was my another lost mach in the row. Journalist asks about it, and one answer is more or less like that we have to stay cool, becauce we're not so strong team as Unionistas CF. The thing is that Unionistas Salamanca are last in the stage, but one level above us. My team is from region Estremadura, so it's near Salamanca, but Unionistat aren't even in my rival clubs. So - I don't know why in this press conference we're talking about Unionistas.
    Uploaded file: ccp-unionistat



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    • SI Staff

    You've uploaded two rec files by mistake, we needed just one and the save game.

    Could you provide the save file and let us know what it's called, please! :D



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