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  • keeps deselecting players when i change filters

    hercules rockafeller
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    When I am choosing my lineup before a match, sometimes if I am using the filter to select players, when I change the filter the players I have picked are deselected and I have to go back. Basically when this happens, I can't use the filters at all as something causes the players to become deselected.

    So for example, before a game, I use the filters to show just goalkeepers, pick my starter and sub goalie, then deselect goalkeepers in the menu and bring up defenders. When I do this, however, the goalkeepers are no longer selected in my lineup, the whole lineup is empty. If I add my defenders, then change the filters to go back and reselect the goalkeepers, once again the lineup then becomes empty.

    It's pretty frustrating and the only option is to have all players displayed at once, then pick that way. However, if I select some players and then go to a player screen to check a stat or something, I will come back and there are gaps again in my lineup. Not the entire team, but the last few players I picked have been removed from the lineup...

    Originally I thought this was just happening in cup games, but it just happened in a league game. Also has happened since the beta, over multiple saves.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      on this save game, select a goalkeeper, then change the filters to anything else, the goalkeeper will no longer be selected

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    I just started having this issue 4 seasons into a game on FM24 and can't seem to find any explanation as to why?

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