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  • Column Widths in Squad View

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    As per every version of FM going back to the beginning, when adding and removing columns, auto sizing etc... the columns have a life of their own and fly off out of view to the right. You have to scroll to find them, and right now, I have a column which I've added, Team Goals / 90 minutes, which is the full width of my monitor, entirely on the right of all the other stats, and I can only get it back into the view by auto sizing all columns, which I don't want to do. I want to set the size of some columns, and let the size of others resolve around them.


    I do NOT want ever to have a horizontal scroll bar appear on the screen. When I try clicking "Auto Size this column" on the Team Goals / 90 minutes column, nothing changes.


    However, when I click and drag the horizontal scroll bar, Team Goals / 90 minutes appears, until I release left mouse and it then disappears and goes full page width out of view.


    This is a problem since the beginning, how it can it still be that we can't render a table to the width of the page, and have it stay like I want it to?




    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Add a few stats columns.
      Auto Size All Columns
      Manipulate some column widths

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    What's the update on this?

    It has existed as an issue for a decade, and it continues to frustrate even after the official patches so far.

    It's incredibly easy to reproduce, so why is this so hard to fix?

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    I'm afraid there's not much of an update to give as of yet.

    It's with the Dev team but it doesn't necessarily mean it'll be fixed quickly. Being easy to reproduce doesn't equal being easy to fix. 

    It's been a while and I can only imagine the frustration, I've bumped the issue to see what's going on, and if there's any feedback I'll pass it back on to you.

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    • Administrators

    Sorry we haven't responded to the push comments, we don't typically give a progress update until there is actually one to give - you aren't being ignored, we just don't have anything other to add at the moment - we have it under review, and are looking to implement a fix for future editions.

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