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  • Getting Support for My Problem - PLEASE READ

    Neil Brock
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    For the last two years of Football Manager releases we've changed how our support system works. Rather than relying on the forums for things like crashes, technical issues or match and graphical performance, we're now using a ticketing system allowing users to have direct contact with our support team. 

    Why can I no longer post crash and tech issues on the forums?
    Rather than post threads on the forums, we're asking users to create Support Tickets instead. In doing so it'll allow you to have direct email contact with our support team, meaning rather than having to keep checking back on your thread, you'll receive a direct email for each and every response. It also means less chance your thread will get lost, missed or hijacked by another user.  

    What about knowing if other users have the same issue? Won't there be less visibility on the types of issues people are seeing?
    Our aim is to try and keep our FAQ as up to date as possible, meaning you can easily search for and find any relevant information on any issue you encounter. 

    What benefits are there for me as a user?
    We're hopeful it'll make support much easier for anyone who needs it. We're trying to create a clear support pathway and making sure are our support is available outside of normal working hours, which means having support available at the times you need it most. 

    The support team is SEGA branded, but don't Sports Interactive make Football Manager? 
    That's right, we work incredibly closely with SEGA as they are our parent company. Our support team is filled with people who know FM as well as anyone and they have direct contact to many members of the SI team to make sure we have all the answers and troubleshooting suggestions for anyone who needs it. 


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