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  • Transfer players discrepancy with interested clubs.

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    Hi there, this has happened on two separate occasions on my save.  The issue is with transfer players wanting to move clubs, being interested, being upset because they are not allowed to move and they wanted to, and then not wanting to sign a contract because they aren't interested.

    The issue happened with both Bruno Fernandes and Vinicius Junior on my save.  Both of these players were transfer listed.  When I did the player search in transfer listed players both came up when I used the "interested" filter.  I scouted both of these players and both of the scouting reports listed them as "very interested." I also enquired and then exited negotiations as well as made low offers for them which were rejected.  After being rejected I got messages saying they were enraged at not being able to move clubs as they were very interested in the move.

    For both of these players I made an offer that was accepted but when I tried to offer contract the wage was blank and the message that "I'm not interested in playing for your club" was there.

    I'm not sure if it is a bug with the "interested" filter or scouting line or if it's just an oversight that a player is interested and then enraged regarding moving to my club only to not want to play for them.

    On the second occasion with Vin. Jr. I saved before offering any of the contracts and then tried reloading the save without lowballing or enquiring to see if just a straight offer and contract might entice them to sign for me but the same result occured.


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    Hello @Endymio. Thanks for raising this. There's a couple of things we'll need to look into this a bit further for you. First of all we need a save from just before one of the occurrences of this issue. Secondly, do you have some screenshots that help illustrate the issue? And finally, what device are you playing on and what version of Android/iOS is your device running?

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