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  • Player Position Retraining - Incorrect + Unhelpful Text

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    Loaded a new FMM save - managing Man. United - then on Day 1 noticed that it’s difficult to train players in new positions

    … because the text doesn’t change depending on which position you select. The text only states the natural position + recommended training position, but NOT whether the currently selected position will work.

    Example 1: Man United’s new DC Martinez. I want to see if he can be trained more in the DMC position. But the text doesn’t change depending on what position I select … so unlike previous recent FMM editions, I have no idea whether it’ll be successful or not …




    Example 2: Star Striker Ronaldo. Similar situation. It states he can learn to be a left winger, but no feedback on any other position I select (e.g. AMC, or DC).



    Question - Is this designed on purpose, or is it a bug?


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    This should now be fixed in the latest update 14.2.0. Please let us know if you are having any further troubles. 

    We'd like to thank you all very much for your contributions which helped us fix this issue. 

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    6 months late on replying to this - but thanks for making that fix. It was MUCH easier to retrain players when you changed that text around <thumbs up> thanks!

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