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  • Player listed in “Manager’s Best Eleven”, but never played for club!

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    After I finished my first season and started the next I got the notification about ‘Manager’s Best Eleven’ and took a look at it. Not much of a surprise as to who was in it (a little surprising it didn’t set the formation to the one I used for most of the season) but the main thing that stood out was that I didn’t recognise the name of one of the players:53E3DC4B-F28D-4B49-9E6F-840FE52F260D.png.d065fe3961907b5caa7d45fd5cc50339.png

    Jose Carlos - a player I’ve never heard of and certainly never signed or played in my team! I clicked on him, it said he’d played 10 matches for me:


    I tried to searching him in the game but can’t find him, however I noticed on 1 tab it said he was retiring. I started a new save and found him at Gandia:4124EF21-061B-4FC7-8B6E-8F082215B448.png.fd01e4078c125bbc2d95f12432166151.png


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    Hello @HudsonOfSmeg. Could you send us over a save where this is happening so that we can take a closer look at it, please? Also could you let us know what device you are playing on and what version of Android/iOS it is running?


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