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  • Interim Manager feature broken

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    Message added by Desmond Richardson,

    Please be aware that these comments were copied here from another source and that the date and time shown for each comment may not be accurate.

    I like the idea of the interim manager, but it seems completely broken. Two cases in point;

    Having taken Woking from the Conference to the Premier League & Champions League titles within ten years, I fancied a change of scenery and to take on a new challenge. At the end of the season, I applied for the Deportivo La Coruna job, in Segunda (which was free). Upon being offered it, I was told it was an interim position?! Firstly, what club appoints an interim at the end of a season? Also, i'm (in game) basically the best manager around (also Brazil manager at the time) - in what world would they not bite my hand off?

    Instead, I applied to Zaragoza (also Segunda) and got that full time. Now, having taken them to the Primera at the first time of asking, i've also won the Copa America with Brazil. I was told by a news item, i'd have 'the pick of any international job'. Now applying to my home country of England (also free), i've been told this will also be an interim position! It's utterly ludicrous. What nation would not take a manager with that kind of record full time?!

    It's a nice feature/idea, but it's hard to argue with it being spectacularly badly implemented given the examples above.


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    I had the same issue. Won the Bundesliga with Stuttgart a few times and felt like a new challenge so applied to Wolves, who were mid table in the Championship and got offered an interim job “until a more experienced manager can be found.” Why would a championship club want more experience than multiple Bundesliga titles in a row? 

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