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  • Cup draws bug

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    FB_IMG_1668144606735.jpg.4780908fff4866f3128690ca31fd6e1e.jpgCup draws seem pointless to watch as they all come out exactly in line with the teams place in the seedings 


    For example in the world cup draw

    Spain were first in pot 1 and China first in pot 2 and both in group A


    England second in pot 1 and Algeria second in pot 2 and both in group B


    And so on, I have noticed this with a few other cup draws as well, teams coming out exactly as they are placed in the list.


    It makes watching the draw pointless if you already know the outcome 




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    9 hours ago, FM-China said:

    just out of curiosity what season is this inn game with China finally in WC:lol:?

    It was the 2026 world cup, so not long for you to have to wait :lol:

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    15 小时前, paulie90说:

    It was the 2026 world cup, so not long for you to have to wait :lol:

    Saudi and Iran don't seem to be in screenshots, were there any nations underperformed in qualifiers?

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    12 hours ago, Jake Mant said:

    Thanks for flagging this. Do you have a save from before the draw?



    I have since moved on from Spain and a few seasons on however I quickly started a new season with England and skipped to first major draw the euro qualifying and same issue

    As you can see from screenshots

    Italy first in pot 1 ended in group A

    Austria first in pot 2 ended in group A


    Denmark second in pot 1 ended in Group B

    Romania second in pot 2 ended in group B


    And so on and so forth


    I uploaded the file onto the link you provided the file name was fm_save3.fms


    Its literally on the day of the draw, apologies if it has gone wrong, not really my area of expertise 

    Screenshot_20221115-023510_FM23 Mobile.jpg

    Screenshot_20221115-023618_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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    14 hours ago, Dunnylad said:

    Issue with the Champions League format - was fine the seasons before, but this one very odd 


    As Elliott said, from the 24/25 season the UEFA competition format will change with a rather large group stage and some changes to the knockout rounds so this is intended to reflect the real life competition changes

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    On 15/11/2022 at 15:17, Jake Mant said:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. This is under review with our development team

    Hi @Jake Mant can you confirm if this is going to be addressed.


    i have started a new game since the update and noticed the issue remains the same, teams are coming out exactly the same as placed in the draw list.


    Adding watching  draw was a fantastic idea, but this ruins it for me, it needs to be addressed ASAP

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