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  • Can't leave Development Hub

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    If you start messing around development hub, "back" button send you through every screen you viewed or even get you stuck in a loop.

    Would be nice to have that small shortcut button in bottom left corner. (second screen)

    Device type: iphone se1 (2016)




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    Hello @Sauna. Do you have a save where this is happening that you could upload to us so we can have a closer look at this issue? Also could you tell us what device you are playing on and what version of Android/iOS your device is running, please?

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    @Ewan Aiton Save file is not needed. It's UX issue of interface for smaller screens. I thought it would be better to have shortcut button in dev hub to easily navigate to main menu. For now, after browsing dev hub, you have to click the back button multiple times to go back to the main menu.

    If you want to reproduce this issue, just keep clicking around dev hub tabs, check players or whatever, and then try to go back to main menu via back button. You will end up in "endless" clicking.

    As developers, you can update interface and add this main menu shortcut in the bottom left dev hub screen.

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    • SI Staff

    Having a save file in which its known to be happening makes it a lot easier for our QA team to investigate. If it doesn't reproduce on our side then it pretty much puts a halt to any meaningful investigation. Also knowing what device you're using and the version of your OS whether that be Android or iOS helps because of the variables involved.

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    @Michael Sant I know how it works. I always provide detailed information and attachments in my posts when necessary. I'm afraid you didn't read my posts carefully. I literally pointed my device in first post, but it's not important in this case, same as the save file. The problem is directly related to the general design of interface for all smaller devices. "Issue" is super easy to reproduce on any device with non-hd interface.

    It's just about QoL addon in the form of a shortcut button, that's it.

    Solution: Add shortcut button in the bottom left corner of the main dev hub window.



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    Hello @Sauna. Typically we need a save to look into the majority of issues. Football Manager Mobile is an incredibly complex game with a lot of moving parts and we need the save in to determine what combinations of conditions have led to issues arising. There seems to be two separate issues here. The first one is a design issue where the game menu shortcut button is missing. The second one is the Back button not taking you back out of the Development Hub. We have tried to reproduce the Back button issue in-house and have been unable to do so as yet so here a save would be useful so we can understand what is happening for you specifically that would cause this to arise. Thank you for raising this issue.

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