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  • Buyout loans broken for years

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    I’ve been playing the last few years on Apple iOS and never been able to negotiate a buyout for loan.


    it’s been broken for years now but seems to work for CPU controlled clubs.


    Samuel Lino, want to loan him, also want to negotiate a £23.5m buyout as this is his minimum fee release clause, just to give me the option in case he signs new contract.


    The club specify they want £23.5m, I select it until it turns green and they still reject it. 3 times over despite it being the right amount.


    Can this be fixed please? It happens for all loan deals, not just players with release clause.







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    Simple enquiry and club want £30.5m for transfer.

    negotiate a loan deal with same buyout and it is rejected without negotiation despite him being loan listed.

    this happens, and has happened for quite some time now.

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