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  • Stuttering Match engine

    Colonel Dax
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    I'm on Xbox One. During the 3D scenes there is a whole lot of stuttering and the gameplay is not fluid. that was not the issue on FM22 or FM21 where the 3D scenes were presented smoothly. I've read numerous posts about this problem on the PC version, but haven't found a lot about the console version. Is this a known problem? Is there a solution in sight? Is it just me?

    Overall, i think FM23 is a great manager game for console with lots of improvements. If you could just implement one of the newgen real face generators that are available for PC players, that would be great and enhanced the immersion in the game.




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    I would like to specify a little bit more. The movements on the pitch get choppy as soon as the "TV-Camera" starts to move. e.g. following a counter attack to the other side of the pitch. As long as the camera stands still there's very fluid movement of the ball and the players. The problems begin with camera movement.

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    On 22/11/2022 at 07:14, Michael Sant said:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this one with us. Which particular model of the Xbox One are you playing on @Colonel Dax & @Dibil

    I can confirm that i face this issue on XBOX One S Digital 500gb . There are definitely fps drops and stuttering as well. It is not really nice to watch a match. I used every camera settings, but nothing changed.

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    • SI Staff

    After a provisional review it would be beneficial for the QA team to see this in action such as through a recording. Whether that be on your phone, screen capture or otherwise. It's difficult to diagnose what the cause may be without being able to see it in effect, what points its happening at and such. If you can get that it would be a tremendous help, should the clip be too large to attach to a post a guide on how to share your file is available here:


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    Hey i can confirm it laggs at a Xbox Series X too.

    It depends of in what stadium the game get played. For example i play with SC Paderborn in the 2. Bundesliga with a small stadium and have no problems with stuttering. But in other Stadiums i get a stuttering 3D game. 2D camera is fine.

    In FM 2022 i never had this problem, FC Bayern, Liverpool, there was everything good. But now in 2023 they stutts a little But. It looks like the models are in a to high Level and the Grafik card are weak, But its a Xbox Series X, sooo hmm.

    And i think Sigagames can test it, because you build the game and you must have a xbox series x to test it, i think??

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