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  • Missing youth Players NK Osijek

    Domobran Matheo
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    Hello, even after the Winter Tranfer Update, their are still some youth players missing for NK Osijek:

    this two allready played for the first team:
    -Filip Zivkovic (allready scored a goal for the first Team)

    -Dominik Babic

    and here some missing in 2nd Team:

    -Antonijo Ivandic

    -Ivan ivic 

    -Danijel Polanec

    -Petar Tankosic


    i looked allready, in all Osijek Teams, and search bar, their are missing in database

    the two above are more important, becaus of playing for the first Team, an they are very talented players


    Igrači - Nogometni klub Osijek (nk-osijek.hr)


    and i know, the new Trainer staff, changed after the winter Update, an i also know, their will be some of the end of march a next Update for the FM 23

    so i hope, it will be fixed until there


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    Only players born in earlier 2006 could have been added. Legal reasons. So these two youngsters will have to wait for the next FM.

    Other missing players could have been in, but I can assure you they wouldn't have been very good as they seem very unimportant even for Osijek. 

    New coaching staff and manager will not be in the game unfortunately. These deals happened way after the data lock. 

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