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    I would like to propose some changes to players attribute ( just personal observations, and some statistic)

    1. Josip Mišić at Dinamo, his decision and conctrecation should go +2/3, he is good at pressure, his passing stats are also good, he dont lose so much balls indeed ( proves, his statistic https://www.sofascore.com/player/josip-misic/243713 )

    2. Robert Ljubičić at Dinamo,should be more familiar to play in LB, as he plays that position this year in club ( https://www.sofascore.com/player/robert-ljubicic/935308 )

    3. Adrian Barišić at Osijek, you probably should evalute his attributes, he is little bit underrated. He plays often in first 11 for last two months, and get also good ratings for that. Even, Dinamo wanted to buy this guy for 2.5 mil. euros, but Osijek rejected that bid. ( https://www.sofascore.com/player/adrian-leon-barisic/959592 )

    4. Lovro Majkić, the same case as Barišić, statisticaly, he is one of the best gk in league, so probably little bit underrated, he was even in team of the week 4 times, more than any other gk ( https://www.sofascore.com/player/lovro-majkic/887800 )

    5. Josip Šutalo, his pace and agility should be higher, probably +1/2 ( stats and top speed in UCL https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/clubs/players/250100914--josip-sutalo/ )


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    1. Mišić is a really good player, and in the game he's set to be among better in Dinamo squad. But his decision making and concentration are quite poor for that level, considering what they mean in the game. He often makes irrational passing choices and delays his decisions to the point that he tends to lose the ball in dangerous situations.

    2. Ljubičić has a highly competent grade for a LB/LWB in the game. But he is not a LB and never was in senior football before this year. He will not play it when Dinamo gets a proper LB and is just covering there for now.

    3. He hasn't been evaluated completely by Osijek researcher yet obviously. He played 7 minutes of HNL last season. Have in mind that the data is always late compared to real life, but I agree he should probably be better.

    4. He's one of the best players at Istra in the game and one of the best Croatian GK prospects. He was plagued by injuries and played only 2 games last season. Give it more time.

    5. I really don't see an issue here, even with the stats that you provided. A very decently quick CB and a great player. If you compare his pace to Gvardiol's in reality, you'll see there are probably 2 levels of difference.

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    Hi, some probably new updates, NK Osijek published some info, about speed of their players, it's interesting to see D. Beljo, among the fastest players, maybe he deserve some upgrade for acceleration and pace, probably +1?  The same case is for Adrian Barišić.

    Proof (https://nk-osijek.hr/vijesti/33972/mance-najbrzi-na-40-metara/ )

    Cheers mate

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