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  • UEFA Champions League FFP Bug

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    We are playing FM23 in online mood, in Italian Serie A. One of the players failed from UEFA FFP on 2 consecutive seasons, but still goes to Champions League. We simulated the situation and pass the 3rd season, his game again failed from FFP. But guess what, he still goes to Champions league?

    Is FFP rule really applied on FM 23? When and under which circumstances will there be a fine/ban?


    As you can see below message, Bologna made a loss of 108m Euro, and failed to comply UEFA FFP.



    But the following season, Bologna still goes to Champions League, and FFP penalty was not applied. You can see 2029-2030 fixture below. 



    And following season of 2029, bologna failed again on FFP but still goes to Champions League








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    15 hours ago, bebgiungi said:

    @Neil Brock any feedback?

    mate, they have hundreds of bugs to work on. When they release patch they will try to adres as many as possible. Hopefully yours one is there, but I had reported 3 or 4 so I hope my are addressed ;-). But most likely big chunk of bugs will not be addressed as SI at one point will start to work on new version of FM, what also may bring some patching of old bugs, but that will be in FM24.... 

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