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  • PC (Xbox Game Pass) - Cloud Saved Game does not want to load

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    Hi! First time FM Players since over a decade thanks to XBox Games Pass. Loving it!

    Upon saving my game locally it always gave me a blue screen of death. However I found saving to cloud would not produce this problem. The cloud space was small and only allowed for two game saves at anytime. So over the last 3 weeks of playing I've been saving my season to the cloud.

    Today I went to load the file and it could not load, so I tried to load my prior save from the previous day and I get the same message. I waited 24 and now 48 hours hoping it was a cloud issue but to no avail.

    This is completely devastating losing 3 weeks of playing every night and if I can't fix this I reckon I'm going to be turned off. Are both cloud files from two separate days completely binned now and there's no chance of pulling my current career?


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    It says 'The Save Game could not be loaded' anyway to restore items on the cloud to a prior day? I don't care if I lose a day, losing 3 weeks is devo.

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    • SI Staff
    On 03/08/2022 at 15:40, SpotTheOzzie said:

    Any help please @Desmond Richardson

    Can you load any other saves or start a new game? If so, It would seem it's possible that your save file might be corrupted.

    Normally if there is a problem with a save file we'd ask for you to send us the save, but to do this you'd need to be able to load the save to begin with as the file would appear within your temp files when the game is loaded.

    If indeed your file is corrupted there is nothing we can do unfortunately, other than apologise for any of the inconvenience this may have caused. I know what it's like losing a save after putting a lot of effort into it. 

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