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  • Matches unbearably slow.

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    I have an Xbox One X and have fm2022 on gamepass. Im on my third season and the first two seasons were fine.

    Now early in the third season the matches are at a crawl. Not the game itself. Not during the key highlights, but between the key highlights. It goes at an absolute snail pace now, it takes about 10-15 minutes per match because of it, as opposed to the 5 minutes prior.

    The highlights themselves are fine and lag free, but the timer seems to lag like crazy between highlights. I have them set to fastest level, as I always have. I have tried quitting the game, turning off the xbox, even hard resetting the xbox, and it hasnt resolved the issue. It is unbearable to me to the point I will want to stop playing, as it feels so sluggish and laggy during games. 


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    Can you please let us know what device you're currently playing on? Is it always the case that you seem to lag between highlights or is this issue intermittent? 

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