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    I have contacted Sega support and they suggest i write a post in here. I am having issues transferrring my saved game from the demo to the full gane. I have gone through all the correct steps listed:

    Open Finder
    - Click ‘Go’ from the menubar
    - Press and hold down the ‘Option’ (Alt) key
    - This will bring up the ‘Library’, click to enter then go to ‘Application Support’ -> ‘Sports Interactive’ -> ‘Football Manager 2022’

    However when i go onto the game (through Epic) i load the game and go to continue past January 2nd and it says thanks for using the demo and i have to purchase the full game which i have done!

    When i go into the above steps the only folder there is 'football manager demo 2022' as opposed to 'football manager 2022', is this something to do with it? I have deleted and reinstalled the game but still the same thing happens. 

    Can anyone please advise on what to do? Thanks so much in advance. 


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    We're working with SEGA support on this one to make sure you get the information you need and they'll reply via that support ticket. Given that's the case will close this thread off. 

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