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  • Club finances bug

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    Experienced this odd bug.

    Background. I loaded up China, Germany, South Africa, Argentina and USA (attempting to win all 5 champions leagues!).

    Anyway, I started off at Shenzhen. They offered a huge bank balance for transfers so off I went on my merry way signing Lorenzo Lucca and the like. Oh woops the club is bankrupt, although they're still offering £50m+ transfer budget. Odd, but that's not the bug I am reporting, I figured it was just a stupid board.

    After winning the AFC Champions League I was offered a job by Union Berlin, which I took. They were 'rich' when I joined. A few weeks later, they're still rich (its November, I'm not signing anyone anyway), but I get a message saying the club has terminated all feeder club links due to financial circumstances. But we're rich...

    Then the next day, I get a message praising how I've stabilised the ship financially. Despite doing nothing. All I did was recall three players from loan and sent one on loan (overall adding to the wage budget) and did a friendly tour of Chile during the World Cup break. 

    I assume the game is suffering a hangover from the fact that Shenzhen were bankrupt under my management, but now I manage Union Berlin who are rich, the game thinks I've turned it around.

    Some screenshots are attached, and I've uploaded a save file called ClubFinanceBug.fms at 23:00 GMT.






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    Hello @ElliottMS. Thanks for uploading your save. Could you please tell us what device you are playing the game on and what version of Android/iOS the device is running? Also, could you let us know what version of the game you are running? The version number can be found along the top of the Credits screen. One final question, have you added any third-party logo packs to the game?

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