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  • Wages out of control in the PL.

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    Why this is happening I don´t know, I have found it incredibly difficult to sign players at realistic wages, please do have a look at what f.ex. the current Brentford real life squad is earning. Newly promoted clubs in 2029 having players who worth very little at 90k+ a week is a normality. Newly promoted Sheffield United in my FM game has no structure in their club, my guess is that when a crappy fringe player is earning 99k a week then everyone else joining the club wants the same.

    I am getting constantly told wrongly in various advices to adjust player squad status, that would mean taking an important player and reducing his status, which in turn could mean my future transfers would demand wages far above their paygrade. Example: If your newly demoted and now squad player is earning 40k then a player will want 50k as a regular starter, this will send any club into a spiral of an uncontrollable wage budget.

    Most players sign for clubs based on their merits and quality, not what everyone else in the club is earning, at least that´s what the OB coach here in Denmark where I live told me. If you are going to a top club things might differ somewhat.

    My considered "good skybet championship striker" is demanding 78k a week now for a new contract in the PL, he can frankly sod off, he is in no realistic terms worth 30k a week .... let alone 78k.


    At Wrexham I have put a loft of 50k a week, anyone wanting more than that is simply released or sold, peripheral factors won´t allow me any further investments in wages.


    Real life Brentford wages : https://salarysport.com/football/sky-bet-championship/brentford/ ... and they have a far better team than I currently do at Wrexham.


    I only wish I could have someone like Ivan Tony in my squad for that kind of money, 





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