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    Hi guys,

    I sold Dan-Axel Zagadou to Barcelona for a wealthy 70M€, who was on less than 2M€/y, I didn't want to renew his contract, he want around 7M€/y, and I thought I could find someone better paying less, so I sold him, I was amazed when I saw is actually the top4 in the world, on wages, its a good player, but not a world-class, he is not even a regular starter for Barcelona.

    I think the wages are out of control, in my opinion, something needs to be done.

    I raise this question, not as a bug, but as an AI that needs to be improved.

    PS. Barcelona has 6 players no the top 10 :idiot:




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    Ahh no problem. For an issue like this we'd need a save to properly investigate, so I can only ask you keep an eye out for it in future and if it comes up again you'll hopefully have a saved example. :) 

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