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  • ***PLEASE READ*** How to log a bug in the Transfer and Contract forum

    Ben Kenney
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    If you have encountered a gameplay bug with a certain transfer, scout report, or news item, then it is really helpful if you can provide a save game from before the event occurs if possible. It's really helpful for us if we can reproduce an example reported as quickly as possible.

    If it is a general issue about transfer patterns in a soak (Too many players of a nationality going to a certain league, then a save isn't necessary as we can pick that up on soaks/long term internal tests). An example of the ideal way to log a gameplay bug can be found below. 

    Title - Real Madrid make a £200M bid for a Championship player

    - Playing as Middlesborough and Real Madrid have made a £200M bid for Paddy McNair

    - The bid is made on the 3rd of August 2021

    - Save game attached on the 2nd of August 2021

    Steps to Reproduce

    - I have uploaded a save game called "DanWells_Madrid_Bid.fm"

    - Save game will load on the 2nd of August 2021

    - Continue the game one day

    - A 'Real Madrid make bid for McNair' news item will be generated

    - Observe that the bid is for £200M


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