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    Hi, I took over Newcastle because what is more fun than having loads of money but a rubbish team to sort out? 2 and half seasons in and they have no money. This seems very silly, everyone knows they will have at least 200 million quid per season or even per window for the foreseeable future. I can't even afford to buy James Ward Prowse lol. At one stage, with about 16m remaining in the budget and a few hundred k per week in wage allowance, the board suddenly took it all away saying the financial position isn't good enough, and my transfer budget became 475k and wage budget well into the red. A reminder that this is a club that has 10x the wealth of Man City.  Please update it. Thanks 

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      Be Newcastle for a few seasons

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    Hi tbh I am not the most patient person and I can't even find where my save game is located on my computer.

    I think it should be straightforward without needing my save game for SI staff to take a look at the xbox version and see how Newcastle's budget starts high then halves season on season until by 2025 you only get like 15m.  

    Also I note there is no way to add another manager to my game at all, not sure why such a simple feature that many customers might want to utilise is just totally prevented.



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    • SI Staff

    If this is an Xbox issue, the correct forum will be here: https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/football-manager-2022-xbox-edition-bugs-tracker

    The team there will be better placed to offer advice and work towards a solution for both points you raised.

    However, they will very likely need a save for the Newcastle issue. This is the first time this issue has been reported on the forums (to my knowledge) which suggests the issue is unique to your save alone. It wouldn't be something we could replicate from scratch. 

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