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  • Loan with option to buy issue

    • Public Status: Known Issue Need More Examples: No

    I loaned two players at the start of the season with an option to buy for certain amounts.

    Tried activating the clause for each of them, but the offers simply get rejected. (also, the green exclamation mark when making the offer is not shown)

    I've uploaded the save to the cloud, it's called "Marin Petcu - Valencia - Loan buy bug.fm"

    I managed to overcome the issue using the Director of Football and transfer targets. The offer seems to be accepted this way.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Loan a player with the option to buy
      After the players joins the team, try to activate the clause
      Most of the time, the club accepts the offer, but it should be like release clause
    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      Marin Petcu - Valencia - Loan buy bug.fm

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