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  • Committed spending doesn't recognise loaned players

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    I have two high-earning players that are leaving the club in the next transfer window. One has about 4.5M p/a (Polyzos) and is leaving following an arranged transfer, the other player (Kaiky) has about 5M p/a and he will be returning to the club I loaned him in from. Additionaly, Kaiky has already signed for a third club on a free so there is no way he will play for me in the second half of the season.

    The game is accurately showing my current spending as 42.8M p/a on the Finances page, but the committed spending shows that I am committed to pay 38.5M p/a in wages despite not having signed any high-earners for the next transfer window (I have a few incoming transfers, but the Potential cost of wages offered is 228k) and I have not transferred any salary committments to other clubs when loaning my players out.

    It is obvious from these numbers that Polyzos' transfer has been taken into account, but not Kaiky's loan ending on the beginning of the transfer window.

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    Please note that a month later, on Apr 18, I've noticed that committed spending suddenly shows the correct amount. Not sure when and how that happened, but I did sell one extra player last week.

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    • SI Staff

    Thanks for flagging this, we'll investigate and see if there are any changes we can make ahead of future versions. :) 

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