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  • Team Records for Season Taken from Second Phase of Liga 2

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    In the game the first phase consists of two groups of 12. The top four from each group progress to the second phase.

    In real life the first phase was actually four groups of six, with the top two from each group progressing to the next stage. I don't know if you also want to fix that.

    In any case, the second stage consists of two groups of four, with each team playing the other teams in their group once.

    Records for the league are correctly taken from phase one, but unfortunately team records are taken from phase two (it's possible that they are also taken from phase 1 as well, but no team records were set in phase 1 in my save).

    Since phase two only consists of three games for each team, this practically guarantees that every team that makes this stage will set new team records for stuff like 'Fewest Points in a Season', 'Fewest League Draws in a Season', 'Fewest League Goals Scored in a Season' etc.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      This is very easy to replicate. The records are finalised on the 29th of November in the first season. Simply holiday until the 30th of November 2021, then check the team records for the teams that reached the second phase of Liga 2.

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    • SI Staff

    I'm really sorry, it's been 2 months and you haven't had a response. It seems the post slipped the net and was never picked up.

    On the small chance you're still around, can you confirm if it's still an issue on the latest update? If so, I'll flag it with the team and get it looked at as a matter of urgency. 

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    Hi, I'm not the OP, but I did a season with PSPS Riau in Liga 2, and had the same issue with the team records.

    My game update is from 4 April 2022, which I think is the most recent one. I don't know if you're planning any more updates for FM22, but something for FM23, anyway!

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    Yep, I uploaded one. It's called "PSPS records bug.fm". Go to the Inbox, and there are several news entries from 29 November stating PSPS have set new record lows.


    Let me know if I need to upload my save some other way - I haven't done this before!

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