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  • Scouting Assignments Are Never Finished (or started)

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    So I think I may have encountered a pretty big bug in FM22. In all of the games of FM I played, full (100% knowledge) scouting reports usually took about 2-3 weeks to be completed. But this year it takes forever. Scouting assignments are never finished (get stuck at like 25%) or are never even started (though scouts do get assigned to them). In the following picture you can see that these 5 players here all seem to be assigned to a scout. Keep in mind every assignment has been started months ago. 


    In the next image you can see that no scout seems to be working (just general focus), altough in the "Priorities" tab it stated that they are working on their reports.


    Also when I (for example) visit Mamadou Coulibaly's player profile, it shows me the option to scout him (although he is alreay in my scouting queue AND has someone assigned to him as seen above). Nevertheless when I click "Scout Player" the button just keeps reappearing and nothing changes.



    To conclude this is all the information I gathered which makes it hard for me to believe that it's not some type of bug. I could be wrong though of course. Also I tried to think of a way to solve this problem. Looking at the fact that this problem occurs with nearly every player and not just some specific players, I thought the issue maybe lies in wrong prioritization instructions, which make the game believe that the "general focus" is above everything else. This doesn't explain the constant reappearing of the "scout player" button nonetheless.





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    I haven't noticed the other two issues you mention, but I've also seen the "Scout Player" button appear on players that I've already assigned to a scout (and is in the scouting queue). In this case, I also obtained a "Team Report" for his team (SH Port):

    Scout Player Button.png

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    I've added my save with the Oscar issue (alcedo - shortlist.fm); however unlike OP, the scout report does get completed eventually. All the other players being scouted by my scouts don't have the "Scout Player" button (unlike the screenshot above), and I can't get it to reproduce

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    23 hours ago, ARIZE said:

    Sorry for the late answer, I'm at my university at the moment. I uploaded the savegame under your link and hope that you can reproduce the issue.

    Hi @ARIZE, please could you let me know the save game name? :)

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    14 hours ago, Blauwe vogel said:

    Is there a fix to this? expierencing the same problem which makes my game alot harder. 

    This didn't reproduce for us internally, was just in the saves due to so many assignments being set in the uploaded save they were taking longer. If you have a specific example worth flagging here - https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/football-manager-2022-bugs-forum/transfers-contracts-scouting-recruitment-meetings-and-staff-responsibilities/


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