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  • Online game mode: Lagging to non host

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    Hello, i try to play with a friend an online game, but it’s too slow. In the start I was playing as the host and everything worked fine for me but my friend should wait for 5-6 sec to continue after clicking somewhere. So we started a new save but my friend as a host this time. We had the same issues. His game is perfect, while mine’s is terrible. Please help 🙏🏼


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    • SI Staff

    Could we ask you to please do a speed check when the game starts going slow - you can use a site like fast.com. If you check both during and prior to the game running slow and let us know of any differences. 

    Are you on WiFi or LAN? Are you able to try the other if you're using one of them? 

    If you still continue to have issues, can we get your log files (instructions below) to see if there's anything going on in the background. :)



    • In explorer type %localappdata% and press enter
    • Click on the folder sports interactive
    • Click on the folder football manager 2022
    • Click on the folder logs
    • Add you name to these logs for example MATCHMAKING_EPIC_CHANNEL john smith
    • Attach these logs with any network issue along with your save, images or videos 
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