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  • Joel Cruz Played 68 Celtic B games In one season?

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    Good Morning,


    I signed a played from Celtic B, and he's played double the league games In one season? Celtic B play In the Lowland League and there's 34 games In a season there.

    I did reload a old save and this has only become an Issue when I signed this newgen, I have uploaded my save to owncloud and it's called *Joel Cruz Played 68 League Games In One Season.fm*

    Anything else I can do to help?

    Thank you, Rob



    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      Joel Cruz Played 68 League Games In One Season.fm

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    • SI Staff

    We'll take a look at the save and try and stamp it out for future versions, but unfortunately little we can do to rectify it in your current game given how late in the FM22 cycle it is. 

    I'm sorry, but thank you nevertheless for spotting it. 

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    Hi Kyle, 

    There seems to be a major problem with Celtic B again, here's another player who somehow managed 254 POM In One game, all while averaging 5.50 match rating.

    I've attached / uploaded my game file, it's called: No Easy Way Out #Rocky 4.fm

    Thank you, and please keep me updated.





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