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    Just had my first job in the Portuguese 2nd division, got promoted and resigned half way through the 2nd season.

    Applied for several jobs...minor Serie A teams, Serie B teams, Norwegian Prem, Scottish Prem, Russian Prem. I was rejected for all of them, most recently for Porto B after being called in for an interview.

    Now, I've just been approached by Leeds as one of their 'Top Targets'. They are 15th in the prem.

    Worth noting...when I set-up the save I set my experience in line with the Portuguese 2nd div. I started unemployed and Newcastle approached me on the first day...I rejected as it just seemed unrealistic (this was during the beta).

    My save is uploaded as 'UnrealisticLeedsOffer' it loads on the 2nd March (when the interview was offered by Leeds) 

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