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  • "View Full Scout Report" button/label does not link to the scout report

    • Public Status: Under Review Need More Examples: No

    Instead of going to the opposition scout report, clicking this button sends me to the "Squad" list view for my own team.

    This is while managing the national side for U.S.A.



    • Steps To Reproduce:
      - Open the save file
      - Go to the "Honduras scouting report" email (though this happens with all scouting reports)
      - Click "View Full Scout Report"
      - Observe that you are now on the "Squad" list view for your own squad, and not the expected opposition scout report.
    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      scout report bug.fm

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    Just realized we're a week from release, hopefully you're not crunching too hard over there!

    I ran into a number of issues with my international manager save and had to abort, I think I logged it all. Lmk if there's anything I can do to help e.g. provide additional saves with repro instructions, etc.

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    Hi, I have the same issue. I have to say I would really expect you to have found a solution by now, almost three months after the issue being reported. 


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    • SI Staff

    Apologies, it's still with the Dev team I'm afraid. 

    It's not that we can't fix an issue like this within 3 months, but we have to work on a priority basis, and this particular issue doesn't block anyone from progressing or crash the game.

    That doesn't make it okay, we don't want something like this annoying users after they've paid to buy our game, so I can only apologise for the hassle so far and thank you for the patience you've showed. 

    When we get a solution to this we'll look to implement it as quick as we can. 

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    I had this problem, it turned out that the Performance Analyst who had been assigned to scouting next opposition had left the club. I went to Staff>Responsibilities>Scouting and under "Providing Opposition Analysis Reports" I set a Performance Analyst who didn't have an assignment already (when my Performance Analyst left the game defaulted to my Head Performance Analyst, but since he already had another assignment I guess he was too busy to provide the reports!).

    Hope this works for you too!

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