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  • Squad Tab Issue

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    Hi, im a season into my save and all of a sudden i can only view or select Goalkeepers on my squad tab. No other squad players are being recognised at all.

    I tried my tactics tab and it is the same there. I can only view or select GK's, however, when i go to selection advice my assistant recommends a proper team but when i accept it doesn't pull these players through to the formation.

    Im sorry, i dont know how to upload the game file. First time i've ever had a problem playing FM and cant find anyone with a similar issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



    2022-05-10 (1).png

    2022-05-10 (2).png

    2022-05-10 (3).png

    2022-05-10 (4).png

    2022-05-10 (5).png

    2022-05-10 (6).png

    2022-05-10 (7).png



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    Not down to custom graphics, OP has not selected any side of pitch to show players. If none of left side, right side or central are selected you'll only get GK

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