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  • Speed keys still makes commentary text too early before goal in 3D match

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    I have reported it one year eariler for FM 2021, but looks like you still not fixed in FM 2022 despite I reported... , after 1 year and this bug is still in there in FM 2022!

    If I use short key in 3D match engine : Match Speed: Fast - Shift+L Match Speed: Medium - Shift+K Match Speed: Slow - Shift+J ---> After using this, the Commentary text will shout GOAL too early before the goal happening about 2 sec.... This is very frustraring, because who wants to know it will be goal, before it is happening? 

    Need to fix the synchronisation, because if you still not fix this, this shortkeys are USELESS...


    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Watch 3D match
      2. Use speed shortkeys
      3. Wait for goals
      4. See the commentary will shout Goal before it happening, too early

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    • SI Staff

    Hi @Gaboo I realise it may be frustrating when there are issues persisting like this. Do you have some pkm's in games where this has happened and information you provide like roughly the times you used the short cut keys and when goals were announced beforehand? This would best enable our QA team to look into this and see the experience you're getting like-for-like. I do have to stress though that unfortunately we can't always fix things right away or even in single year. 

    As you've mentioned this is happening with the short cut keys, does it also happen with the interface options in the top right or short cuts only?

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    Hello, sorry for late answer. It is only happening with shorcut keys, but NOT happens if I use  the interface speed options in the top right. But it is not comfortable to use it on panel with mouse. Short cut is much more better, but If I use it, as I said, many times the goal will say too early. Unfortunately I have tested, the version 22.4.1 still have this bug, but not always happening but often,

    This is more detailed steps:


    Pre condition: Key moments only 

    1. Watch 3D match
    2. Use speed shortkeys to fastest, push twice or more
    4. Use speed shortkeys to back normal speed before the goal chance
    5. Wait for goal
    6. See the commentary will shout Goal before it happening, too early (not always happen, but real often)

    Edited by Gaboo
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    • SI Staff

    I'll pass this over to be investigated, but given the time that's passed it won't be resolved for FM22 - in any case, I appreciate the info, we'll get it looked at. :) 

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