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  • Career stats incorrect total goal calculation

    Hyqel Harries
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    Under Player > History > Career Stats, the overall goals (club) calculation is incorrect. The correct value should be 300+ goals. 

    This bug will impact league and cup goal calculation for award. 

    FM22 Wrexham Goal Bug.png


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    • SI Staff

    Non-Competitive games are not included so the 62 there would be ignored.

    The overall for the club then seems to be running into a memory issue where that presumably runs on a 0-255 basis. The player scored 272 competitive goals and if you take away the 256 of the supported range this then leaves you with 16. 

    Given the rarity of over 250 goals being scored in a single season even between all competitions it would likely be too wasteful on resources to support a larger number range. However, I'll pass this on internally because based on what I can see everything has worked correctly so this may just be an unfortunate reality of scoring that many goals. The same is also likely to happen with the For column in the league table. 

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    • SI Staff

    Circling back to this, but as said above, it's likely not going to get a resolution due to the rarity of the scenario in question.

    If you can provide a save file with the old or new example prior to 255 just being reached we can confirm Michaels suspicions. :)



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