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    Playing on xbox game pass, I am in season 2028/9 and unable to add new manager to a club of my choice. All options are greyed out, allowing me to only pick one specific team from Serie B. I've tried adding that team, then see if that fixed it but no, same problem occurs, as it will then only give me a choice to pick a specific Mexican team

    Not sure why this is happening  :/ 

    add new manager glitch.JPG


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    • SI Staff

    Really sorry you never did get a response to this, it was missed as we were unsure what section it was due to be a part of.

    I can see you haven't been on the forums in a while, but on the off chance you come back, do let us know if you ever found a solution to this or still need a hand and we'll respond promptly. 

    You shouldn't have the option to add multiple managers on the Xbox version in the first instance, which is why we weren't sure if you had misspoke or if there was something fundamentally broken. 

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