Well,it's been a lomg time coming. I've come to the end of my managerial career. it's been a LONG,exciting and at times nail biting journey.

Sorry but FM has taken a grip hold on my life. If their were such a group (FM Anonymous) i'd be on the full time rota.

My Name is John. I'm 21 and i'm addicted to FM.

It all started at the tender age of 10. CM97/98. My first real glance at Simulated management. It was a friends game and whenever i stayed over thats what we played. (Sometimes i wonder if that game was the only reason i slept over, come to think about it, it's probably the only reason we hung out. Not seen him in years now.) To be honest the game saw me more than he did.

Since then i have bought every game SI have made. Got a lot of my friends hooked too, especially during my school years. their must of been about 6 of us that would play it religiously and exchange our stories,transfer coups,etc.(Ahh...The good ol' dayz)

However, now i am at an age where games shouldn't be playing as big an influence in my life. I don't fit FM around my life, I fit my life around FM!

So i knew this time would one day come, and it is time to move on. i am handing in my managerial badge for the forseeable future. I cherish all the memories and thank you SI for making the best, most addictive management sims EVER!

Until i get the keegan itch, I bid you all a fond Farewell.