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Thread: tutoring personalities

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    Default tutoring personalities

    whats the perfect personality for someone who will be tutored by nearly anyone?

    specifically a "driven" player.

    im just wondering what hidden mental stats would have to be edited for that person to be tutored. :/

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    Default Re: tutoring personalities

    Natural in all positions, All high hidden mental stats except controversy. High determination.

    That would make the perfect tutor or tutee I think. But you have to consider that if you have a perfect student and a disloyal or unprofessional or otherwise un-good tutor, you'll likely still get a personality clash.

    "Driven" I'm pretty sure is determination.

    If you can't get a tutor for a youngster it can sometimes be because they're too good, too important to the 1st team to consider tutoring, have too high a reputation, or have not waited long enough since the last attempted tutelage.

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