I don't know whether this has been mentioned before (I tried searching and didn't find anything but the search is so bad that dosn't mean alot), I havn't seen it mentioned anyway so maybe it isn't a problem for anyone else. For me though the bad goalkeeping is one of the things that makes matches unrealistic.

Heres three examples I seen in one match where the only parts I were the four goals. Both of the keepers are good enough championship keepers but to be honest I'd expect anyone good enough to be a professional player to have a basic standard of positioning etc (I've also noticed this with better keepers too). I'm not a goalkeeper so if anyone more knowledgable wants to disagree with me feel free, but if anyone is just going to tell me they havn't had this problem, the game is perfect and any bugs should just be ignored, don't bother.

Example 1

Ball is played into Flood,my keeper is the centre of the goals from his position

He then runs (roughly) along the red line going away from the player

Then he turns towards the ball

By then he has already left a huge gap at the near post